Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exciting News and New Doors to Open

Wow it has been a really long time. So long I had to look up my password. I do promise to do much better soon. Change is in the air at Horatio's!!!!! We are closing our store on July 20th. That's like a bit more than three weeks away. We are taking to the road for awhile. We will be at Crossroads Doll and Bear Show in Portland September 1st and at the Puyallup Fair grounds in mid October. We are also scheduled to do a couple of antique shows this fall.
I am so looking forward to lots more time in my studio. One of the reasons we opened the shop was so I could spend more time creating, but business kept getting in the way.How long before we open a new store? Well Kris and Amy of the former Country Store lasted five months before they opened Country Farm and Frills.I am giving myself a year. Kind of scary actually, I've spent the last 34 years working. That year is going to fly by then look out world here I come. I can take an art class and sew and make all these wonderful bears come out of my head. I can do anything.......
The one thing I will miss the most is my customers and friends for without you I would not have had these last eight wonderful years. So thank you all...
For those that keep remembering our son in your hearts and prayers thank you. He has another surgery on July 13th to repair the nerve damage so that he can taste and smell again. They are also going to do a bit of work on the airway so he can breath easier on that side and shore up the tip of his nose so it doesn't sag when he is old.Mentally and emotionally he is doing much better. The good days finally outnumber the bad.The cretin will be in jail until early September and I think that helps too.

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