Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Road Trip...for the bears

The bears at Horatio's are all in a twitter, except for Horatio. It is road trip time, they have a show this weekend you see. Now granted it is a really short road trip, maybe six blocks, but a trip is a trip. This week end is the Crossroads Doll and Bears Show at the Puyallup Fair grounds. Enter through the Gold gate please.
 The problem with the bears is they can't all go, there just isn't room on the table for everyone plus the stacks of ribbons, laces, trims and vintage French hat veiling. And they all want to go, so the discussion will be loud and long and sadly the losers will pout making life miserable for a while. This time I'm thinking of  trying to solve the problem with logic. Those that stay home this time go to Portland in September. Now you ask about Horatio, he doesn't do shows or travel any more. He much prefers a full picnic basket and a comfy chair in the back yard. So do I actually, but shows are a fun time. It is great to see friends and fellow vendors. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend. Show opens at 8:30 Saturday and 10:00 on Sunday. See you then.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Trip

It has been years since, better make it decades, since I have driven to California and Nevada. When the Queen started freshman year at UNLV she and her dad made the road trip and I, sensible soul that I am, hopped on the airplane a couple of days later. Dad drove her home that spring and drove her back in the fall. Thank God for airplanes. After her freshman year she moved into an apartment and there weren't any more road trips until she lost her job and moved home. Fast forward two years. She's had this job a year and a half and they offer her a transfer, and she's off. She loves living in Las Vegas, and the heat and sunshine. So this time dad and mom are road tripping It was so fun. It would have been a lot more fun without the sixteen foot truck and the car dolly, and a whole lot faster too. We've decided to take another road trip in September. At least as far as Medford then over to the coast and back home that way. Then we can explore all the things we only dreamed over because we were driving the Big Boy and towing Baby Blue. As for driving to Vegas to visit, Nope that trip is an airplane's job. The country was beautiful and the scenery breath taking, but no the only way to Vegas is to fly.
I had every intention of opening the shop today, but after being pet free for five days, I forgot to put my contact case in the drawer last night. It is just the right size for a kitten toy you see. Without my contacts I am blind as a bat. It took me three hours crawling all over the upstairs, but I finally found them. So Wednesday we will be open with bells on. Used the quiet time on the road trip to come up with some fun new things to create for the shop. My note book is full. Stop in and say hi.