Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It has finally happened. We have a jury and trial begins tomorrow. Of course when it rains it pours and today my son found out he has yet another operation to endure to further repair his nose and the nerve damage. If only the cops had gone to the bar and found his missing piece of nose....What's done is done and upward we go. So the shop will be closed Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be at the trial for my child and having a civics lesson on government in the bargain.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Postponed again

It seems like that's all I'm saying. We are patiently, or not, waiting for the trial to begin of the person who attacked our son. We think wow the subpenas are out, it's really going to happen then on the day it is to begin the phone call that says nope not this week. Continued again.This has been going on since October, but shhhh we aren't suppose to talk about the trial. The thing is it wrecks chaos on my store hours. Once again we were looking good for this week, but not now after all. So we will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. We have some fun new things coming in right now so stop in and say hello. We are tentatively scheduled to go to trial next week again. I will believe it when they start jury selection, but I will post next weeks hours here. Peace to all