Monday, April 19, 2010

I was warm today

It's a family joke, because I'm always cold until the temperature hits at least 75. Don't know what it ended at today but I was warm, and it felt so good. If only it would last. We found an old sideboard with awful veneer, but otherwise in good shape considering it's 80 plus years old today. So the veneer is gone and tomorrow we'll sand and paint. The goal is to have it in the shop by Wednesday evening. I've been counting my blessings today and have decided that I'm very lucky. No money, but in all the things that are really important. I also have wheels of my own again. Two of them. They are a bubble gum pink Schwinn beach cruiser complete with a basket in the front. I'll be the crazy lady cruising through Puyallup on my wheels. Busy week ahead so blessed be to all.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am ready to be warm

Yes, bring on the sun, please. Easter Sunday was wonderful with lots of good food, warm fuzzy little kids, more than enough plastic stuffed eggs, and just plain fun. However, it was a good thing all we had to bring was scalloped potatoes, cause I was to busy outside. I just went out to pick up brances from last weeks storm and one thing led to another and three hours later the pick up was full of yard waste. Just a prune here and a snip there, a bit of raking, oh heck might as well mow too. But it looks so much better. Was I done, oh no. Monday it was honey could you help me a sec and another load of yard waste was born. It felt so good, but cold, to be outside. So now I want to do the porch, but I do understand it's way to soon, but.............