Monday, September 19, 2011

beginnings and waiting

I still think each new year should start in September, rather than January 1st. September is an ending and a whole new exciting beginning especially if you have children.
 On the whole other hand I am grateful that the weather has changed again and this week we will be back in the mid seventies again. I am not ready to be cold yet. That shouldn't happen until December. Gotta love my dream world.
On the shop front I've got four little bears ready to be jointed and stuffed and ready for their Christmas mittens. They are turning out to be fun. Just two more to finish, then it's on to the bear turkey. They will make their debut at the Crossroads Doll and Bear Show October 15th and 16th at the Puyallup Fair grounds.Went shopping this weekend and found a few fun things for the shop so stop in and say hello. Even though it's fair time traffic -isn't bad and there is lots of parking. On that note we will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday again this week.It worked out so well last week and I got so much done in the studio.
For those who have asked the number 3 child, who was attacked and had part of his nose bitten off. He is doing really well physically, emotionally still a work in progress but better. The idiot's trial starts the first of next month and once that is over he will be able to heal even more.Pray for my patience in the courtroom, cause I'd really like to give this idiot a few words but I can't so I'll be biting my tongue throughout.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

this and that

when our youngest was transferred down to Vegas I knew I was going to have the empty nest bit...again so I made my summer list
   sand and stain the old dining room floor...... check
   paint the old dining room walls, ceiling and woodwork.......check
   paint the old living room walls, ceiling and woodwork, which also included the walls goin upstairs and the upstairs hall.............................check
   oil and paste wax old living room floor...........check
   switch rooms and redecorate, that was the fun part...............check
  paint the bathroom .............oops not yet
   stain the kitchen floor.............check
  paint the floor in the upstairs hall...........check
   re-stain the stairs.....................check
it helps fill the time and now the house is looking fit for another 100  years. Still missing the girl bunches, however, she is having a great time being back in Vegas. She graduated from UNLV and worked down there for 3 years after, till the economy forced her home. So most of her college friends are still there.
  I'm just excited that we have slowly but surely pared down our long honey do list. There were lots of other bits that also got done. You know how one thing leads to another, This needs doing but that has to be done first. Especially in a 90 year old house.So to celebrate a day of just enjoying the new look.