Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh I miss being warm in summer

Brrrrr, not to be a pain but I really need about two weeks of warm weather. It doesn't have to be hot hot just warm with a low humidity please. You see we've finally got the old living room/ new dining room painted, and it is time to oil the old hardwood floors. It's a mixture of varnish, linseed oil and paint thinner. You apply with a rag and let it soak in and dry. When it dries then it's paste wax and industrial buffer time and then these old floors will look beautiful once again. But cold air or lots of humidity means that they will take forever to dry. I want to play and put things in their new spots, but can't till the floor dries. Did I mention I really have no patience..... Well after all we have been painting for a month now. The old dining room/new living room is done except for pictures and some final fluffing which I can't do until I set up the dining room soooo. Since I can't finish I guess that means it's play time.