Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm sorry, but you don't suit

Three years ago when I applied for farm chicks that was my reply. So last year I wanted to go to see why I didn't suit, but the fates intervened and I didn't get there. I rationalized that by remembering just how much I hated that drive when son #2 went to Eastern. So this year we were really going, until two weeks ago. Now we are still doing a road trip, just longer and in another direction. Our baby girl has wanted to move back to Las Vegas for the last year so she kept track of transfers and snagged the first one available. She starts work Wednesday. So tomorrow morning she flies out at dawn to start work in the afternoon. It gives her just enough time to get her new apartment keys, rent a car and stop at the store. Honey and I get to load her stuff in her truck and hopefully hit the road tomorrow after dinner. I've been lifting weights. She has so much stuff. It is hard to see her go on one hand, because it has been so nice having her home the last couple of years, but letting go is what it's all about. She spent six of the last eight years in Vegas. She graduated from UNLV and stayed to work after until the economy bottomed and she lost her job. So for her it is like going home. Most of her college friends are still there and several are moving back in the next few weeks. After all it's only a couple of hours away by plane. Not to far, but I will miss her company. So honey and I are road tripping. We are antique shopping our way to Vegas. While we are road tripping the shop will be closed. We'll reopen Tuesday, June 6th..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Horatio's, we are still here

  Wow, 2 months since a post. I am a bad blogger. Forgive me world, but when I got older, I thought I'd have all this time. Wrong you just get busier with other stuff. In spite of spending most of January, February and March sick with such fun respiratory things life is good. I am healthy and the shop is full of fun stuff.
   We've done two shows so far, The Crossroads Doll and Bear Show at the Puyallup fairgrounds in March, and Junk Salvation last weekend also here in Puyallup. Got to love those shows that are just a few minutes away. We have another doll and bear show at the end of June, here at the fairgrounds, so that will help keep me out of trouble for a bit. The down side to doing shows, while packing I make such a mess in the shop so then I not only have to put stuff away at the end, and that always leads to changing the floor. Cause you know that piece would look really great over there and maybe if I move this over here, and before you know it every thing has been rearranged. It's really part of the fun of doing shows.And doing shows is fun. It's great people watching time and a chance to spend time with friends from all over.
   Coming in June we have Ezra Meeker Days and The Crossroads Doll and Bear Show. Meeker Days means the scone wagon will be in town. Yes....
   For those who have been checking in on him.... our son is physically doing well with one more surgery on his nose in about 3 months.This one is more about fine tuning and reducing the appearance of what few scars he has.  Mentally and emotionally he is a work in progress but doing better. He still hasn't been released to go back to work so he has taken over our veggie garden.The kid I had to pay to weed our flower beds when he was a kid is really getting into gardening. He's even offered to shop sit if I want a day this summer. That I am looking forward to, a free day now and then wow.
   Now go enjoy the sun.