Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Oops I almost forgot, the reason for posting today. We've changed our shop Facebook page up a bit. It is now Horatio's Ribbons and Relics. You can keep up with our adventures there also.

Wow, it is almost time

Wow, it is almost time to close our doors. When I decided it was time to close it seemed so far away, but gulp, just two days and it is over. It hasn't helped that I missed opening two days last week while our oldest grandson was unexpectedly in the hospital with a virus attacking the lining of his heart, and two days this week for nose repair part three. The grandbabe is much better and safely home, and the nose repair went really well. Keeping him quiet for the required 24 hours after surgery has been more of a challenge than finding our way through Harborview and that place is a bit like a maze. I almost felt the need to drop bread crumbs to find my way back to the waiting room. So anyway Thursday and Friday are it and the shop is closed. Friday night and Saturday are packing days and the truck comes Sunday to move it all to storage. I'm going to putter for a couple of weeks at home. There's a couple of bedrooms to paint, and floors to wax and buff, and stuff to rearrange, then I'll be back at work on new projects for the September 1st bear show in Portland.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

cleaning the back room

In an effort to be organized about closing the shop, I decided to tackle the back room first. I make a solemn vow here and now, If I ever have another store my back room will be neat and all times. The things I have found. Oh my.....I am sorting things out into categories that will, I hope, work for me once we move things to storage. Boxes labeled props and table covers and Christmas are slowly filling up. Kind of sad, but I'm getting so excited...In addition to cleaning the back room I'm reorganizing the studio at home to fit all those boxes of ribbon, laces, trims and other fun stuff. They are not going to storage... Happy week to all...