Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally over

First up some apologies and thank yous to all my wonderful customers. It has been a really long year and almost a half that we have been on this legal roller coaster, and you all have been so patient with our closures and frustrations and still kept coming back. So thank you all so much. Words really can't express my feelings and thanks for your support.

Friday, the 30th of March, was sentencing day. I will tell you that I went to court with no expectations, but hope. I had hoped he would spend at least two years in prison. The reality was that a nose is only worth eight months in county jail, of which he will serve five. He also has a years probation and has to pay court costs and and my son's medical bills. The medical bills alone will keep him paying for years. As he was hand cuffed,and I will admit to really enjoying that part, and taken off to jail, he was still protesting it was self defense and not his fault.Somewhere along the way he never learned to accept responsibility for his actions.I only hope his five months seem really long to him that time travels slowly this spring and summer while he sits there and does his time. But the best part is this part of our journey is OVER!!!!!!!

Coming up soon is another surgery to hopefully, restore the nerve damage so our son  will regain his senses of taste and smell, and lose the horrid headaches that he has now. I am sure there will be more lesser procedures yet to come on the physical side of his journey, but I am hopeful this next surgery will be the last major event for him. Mentally and emotionally he continues to work with his doctors and eventually they expect him to find a place of piece there also. It just takes time. For my part I want his scars and memories to show him where he has been, but not dictate where he will end on his journey. He has the chance to grab at new opportunities and choices. That is my prayer that he will grab for these new choices and adventures as he heals and let go of all the rest of what led him on this journey. A good first step,  to me, is he is using his design skills to redesign the yard of his 100 year old rental house.His landlord told him to go for it and so this sad little yard has had a major demolition and he is almost ready to begin putting it back together. I'm laughing at him as the rain slows down his projects outside just like the rest of us who want to play in our yards.

The shop. Well to be honest over the last months I didn't really care to much about what happened there or if I would even keep it open. So now I have to decide and begin my own journey. I will say it felt really good to be there Saturday and to go junking Saturday morning, even though I didn't find a thing, so now it is time to pull up my big girl panties and get to work For the first time in months a have a desire to pull out materials and begin creating. I think I'll start by cleaning my studio so I have room to work. Happy spring break to all and may that bunny bring you much chocolate. The bear and the human